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Explanation of the Reserve Film System

Faculty can request to have films and videos owned by Instructional Development, and housed in Video Services, placed on Reserve for their students to view for the quarter.Videos on Reserve are housed in the Digital Editing Lab (DEL) 2160A Kerr Hall during the quarter. The DEL is managed by Raymond Authier and is a separate unit of Instructional Development. The DEL manages the Viewing Stations as a courtesy to Video Services and a convenience to students.

Putting a Film on Reserve means that the film is available for students to view in the lab. Students cannot rent videos, nor can they remove them from the DEL.

Placing a film on Reserve does not mean that the film is reserved for the sole use of the requesting faculty member, nor that the requesting faculty member can check the film in and out of the DEL directly. Only Video Services personnel may pull a Video Services owned film from the DEL, during Video Services normal operating hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm). Complete policy information is available at:  reserve policy.

Once a Film is on Reserve, it remains in the DEL for the quarter unless a faculty member wishes to show it in class. The faculty member will need to send an email to fvo@id.ucsb.edu or call 893-3518 to have Video Services pull the film from the DEL in anticipation of the faculty member picking it up to show in class.

Faculty may also place videos that they personally own on reserve for student viewing in the DEL. For faculty member owned videos on reserve, only the faculty member who owns the video(s) may remove those materials from Reserve.

Please note that faculty members other than the initial requester, may wish to show a Reserve film in class. If that is the case, Video Services will inform the new requestor that the film is on Reserve for another class and that students are expected to view it there. Most faculty are able to return the film either the same day or the next day allowing the film to go back on reserve.

If a film is removed improperly from Reserve in the DEL, the VS office will not know where it is or who has it. A film can be lost, misplaced, or at the very least, be out of Reserve and hence unavailable to students thereby preventing them from completing their viewing assignments. This is extremely inconvenient for students, and can cause them to completely miss an assignment that is on a tight deadline imposed by the faculty member who originally put the film on reserve.

Many of Video Services owned films are single copies (e.g. documentaries and/or older films) that can be either very expensive and time consuming to replace, or that may be out of print, and hence irreplaceable. Films are tracked diligently in order to maximize availability for both students who are to view films and faculty who wish to screen them in class.

film contacts

Jeffrey Liang Office Manager & Video Conferencing 1204 Kerr Hall MC:3200 videoservices@id.ucsb.edu